Many private employers provide benefits to their full-time employees, including retirement benefits and health insurance. One benefit that you might have and not know about is disability insurance. As the name implies, this insurance protects you in the event you are unable to work and earn a paycheck for an extended period of time. 

If your employer offers disability insurance to you, that plan may be governed by ERISA. If this federal law applies to your employer’s disability insurance plan, you have certain rights in the event you submit a disability claim but that claim is denied. 

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An Introduction to ERISA 

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) of 1974 was passed with the aim of protecting employees in both the public and private sector who receive benefits from their employers, including short-term and long-term disability. As it pertains to disability insurance, ERISA regulates the timeline according to which a disability claim must be processed and the rights an employee has if that claim is denied. 

Employee Rights under ERISA 

Under ERISA, employers must provide their employees with: 

  • Information on their eligibility to receive benefits 
  • Instructions for how and when to file a claim for benefits  
  • Notification if your eligibility for benefits or conditions that are covered changes 
  • Information about your rights to appeal a denial of your claim 

When you submit a disability claim to your employer’s insurance carrier, the carrier must make a decision on your claim within a specified period of time. If your claim is denied, the carrier is required to provide you with notice in writing of the denial and the reason therefore. If you appeal the denial and that appeal is denied, you must also be given the reason for this rejection in writing. 

Bringing an ERISA Disability Claim 

If your disability claim and appeal are denied, the next course of action is to bring an ERISA disability claim. These lawsuits allege that the insurance carrier unlawfully or unfairly denied your claim even though you were otherwise eligible to receive benefits. Because ERISA is a federal law with peculiar substantive and procedural requirements, it is best to enlist the help of an experienced ERISA disability claims lawyer to help you with your case. 

A judge would consider the documentation of your disability along with documents discussing the insurance policy. If it appears to the court that you correctly submitted a claim for a qualifying condition but that claim was denied, you will receive the benefits the insurer withheld from you. 

Contact Unruh Law Immediately for Help with Your Claim 

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