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Experienced. Reliable. Thorough. California Disability Attorney Fights for Your Benefits
About the Firm

Experienced California Disability Attorney Provides Thorough Representation

Reliable guidance on claim disputes and appeals of ERISA and VA benefits

Disability can strike anyone at any time, putting individuals and their dependents in severe financial jeopardy. If you’re fortunate enough to have a safety net, you can avoid financial hardship. Unfortunately, people who deserve disability benefits have their claims denied far too often. Unruh Law, P.C. is my solo law practice, dedicated to helping disabled clients recover the full benefits they’re entitled to. For more than a decade, I have helped clients access benefits from ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act), Social Security and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). I am ready to put my knowledge and experience to work for you.

Compassion and competence in pursuing your disability rights

Appealing denials of disability benefits takes patience and attention to detail. Not every attorney has the background or the temperament to deal with the bureaucracy and red tape. But when you retain Unruh Law to pursue your benefits, you get a disability attorney who is:
  • Established — I have been practicing disability law for more than 10 years. I have extensive knowledge of state and federal public benefits, including VA benefits and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), as well as long-term disability benefits under most ERISA plans. I am also a Department of Veterans Affairs accredited service representative.
  • Compassionate — I am committed to attentive and responsive client service, taking the time to explain your rights and the various aspects of the legal process. I am also passionate in advocating for your rights.
  • Results-oriented — When all is said and done, only results matter. I pursue every available option to obtain the disability benefits you deserve.
If you’re having any difficulty accessing your ERISA or VA benefits, I am determined to provide high-quality representation throughout the legal process.
Areas of Practice

Thorough knowledge of public and private benefits programs

Each public or private benefit program has its own appeals process with complex procedures. Winning an appeal requires specific knowledge that only comes with training and experience. I am fully prepared to guide you successfully through the appeals processes for:
  • ERISA — Many companies provide long-term disability insurance through their retirement programs. These policies must fully comply with ERISA law.
  • Social Security Disability Insurance — About two-thirds of first-time applications for SSDI benefits are denied. My comprehensive approach to SSDI greatly improves your chances of acceptance on appeal.
  • Veterans benefits — If you have a service-related disability but have had difficulty accessing VA benefits, I can help you amend your claim with additional evidence and represent you in hearings at all levels.
I am also an experienced Family Law attorney. If you retain my services, you will get meticulous attention to your claim and passionate advocacy throughout every stage of the appeals process.

Contact my office to schedule a free consultation, I represent clients throughout the country to obtain the benefits they’re entitled to.

Unruh Law, P.C. provides thorough representation for disabled clients pursuing their rights to ERISA and/or VA benefits. I take these cases on a contingency fee basis, so you pay no upfront attorney fees. To schedule a free consultation, call me at 833-753-5168 or contact my San Francisco office online.
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