Veterans can be impacted by injuries they sustained while serving, whether those injuries are physical or mental in nature. Just as the loss of an arm or a concussion can lead to VA disability benefits, so too veterans who are suffering the effects of a service-connected mental condition can often receive VA disability benefits for the limitations they face. 

Just as there are some physical injuries that a greater number of veterans face than other injuries, so too greater numbers of veterans are impacted by certain mental conditions than others. If you have been recently diagnosed with any of the top three veteran mental health conditions, it can be worthwhile to explore whether there is a connection between your service and the condition that could make you eligible for VA benefits. 

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Veterans are Most Affected by These Three Mental Conditions 

You can only be rated for a single qualifying mental health condition for purposes of your VA disability benefits claim. Suppose you file a claim for VA disability benefits and allege you suffer from a service-related mental condition. The VA will examine all the available evidence and assign a disability rating based on a single mental health condition diagnosis that is relevant to you. 

The three most common mental health conditions that veterans suffer from and that can lead to a successful CA disability claim include: 

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

Posttraumatic stress disorder is characterized by the presence of persistent and unwanted thoughts about a traumatic experience. These thoughts may interfere with a veteran’s daytime activities or they may come at night in the form of nightmares that interfere with the veteran’s sleep. Being exposed to a traumatic event such as a firefight, sudden loss of life, or other event can lead to PTSD. It is estimated as many as 13 million Americans have PTSD in any given year.  

Chronic Adjustment Disorder 

 This condition is a disorder characterized by strong emotions, behavior changes, and negative thoughts connected with a stressful change or event that lasts for six months or longer. This can be due to a change in job assignments, being moved from one area to another, or experiencing a change in one’s working conditions in the service. 

Major Depressive Disorder 

Major depressive disorder is more than simply feeling sad. It is characterized by persistent and pervasive feelings of sadness, feelings of low self-esteem, and a lack of interest in activities the person once enjoyed. There can be a number of causes of a major depressive disorder, and treating such a disorder can be equally complicated. 

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