Receiving cash payments through the Veterans’ Disability Compensation Program can often make a difference in a person’s ability to support themselves and their family. Veterans receiving these payments can use them to pay their mortgage, put food on the table, or care for other day-to-day needs.

However, not every veteran who seeks out these benefits will receive them. In fact, the law places the burden on you to prove your disability and how it is connected to your time spent on active duty. It is not surprising that many veterans struggle to make this connection. As a result, a significant portion of VA disability applications result in a denial. The team at Unruh Law is here to help you better understand the VA disability compensation program. This includes what you need to prove to have a successful claim for benefits.

VA disability benefits

Demonstrate a Current Medical Condition that Limits Your Daily Life

All claims for Veterans’ Disability Compensation Benefits must show that a medical condition impacts a veteran’s ability to support themselves and their family. Any singular condition may meet this standard. In addition, many veterans make claims based on a collection of medical reasons.

A successful claim may be based on a physical condition, such as a reduction in mobility. A case could also center on mental health concerns, such as PTSD due to experiences while on active duty. A comprehensive application will include medical records from the VA or other medical providers that provide a clear diagnosis of a condition and that speak as to how that diagnosis impacts a veteran’s day-to-day life. Reaching out to an attorney at Unruh Law could help you gather the medical information that is necessary for any successful application for benefits.

Connect a Current Medical Diagnosis to Time Spent on Active Duty

It is not enough for a veteran to show that they have a current limitation due to a medical condition. They must also be able to connect that medical condition to their time spent on active duty in any of the United States’ armed forces.

For many veterans, this involves experiences while on the front lines. For others, they may be able to claim benefits due to incidents that occurred while in training or even while serving in a support role. In short, is in necessary to show that the injury occurred while on active duty or to demonstrate how a mental health condition has its roots in an incident that occurred while in uniform.

Show that a Veteran Received an Honorable Discharge

The final piece of a successful application is showing that the veteran received an honorable discharge from the military. The most direct way to accomplish this is to provide a copy of the veteran’s DD214 form. The team at Unruh Law could help people collect this important documentation.

Providing the VA with Maximum Information Increase the Chances of a Successful Claim for Benefits

Veterans seeking out cash payments through the Veterans Disability Compensation Program bear the burden of proving that they deserve these benefits. In short, they must prove that they now suffer from a medical condition that impacts their daily life. They must be able to connect this condition to their time spent on active duty. Finally, they must have received an honorable discharge from the miliary. 

The team at Unruh Law is ready to help you prove these concepts. They can provide more information about what information goes into a successful VA disability claim. They then can work to help veterans gather this evidence and submit applications that have the best chance of success. Contact them now to get started.