Missing limbs, traumatic brain injuries, and posttraumatic stress disorder are not the only conditions that can result in a favorable VA disability benefits claim. Any illness or injury, or any combination of them together, that meets two requirements can lead to your benefits claim being granted: 

  • First, is the injury or illness disabling in that it impacts your ability to work? 
  • Next, is the injury or illness clearly connected to your military service in some way 

With these being the two primary requirements for a veteran to qualify for benefits, it becomes apparent that there is a wide variety of conditions that a veteran can develop that can support a successful disability claim. 

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Illnesses and Conditions for which the VA Grants Benefits 

You may have heard of presumptive conditions and believed that you were entitled to benefits only if you suffered from one of these conditions. A presumptive condition is one that the VA recognizes as being disabling to some extent or the other. A veteran who has such a condition need only demonstrate that the condition has a service connection. 

However numerous veterans with non-presumptive conditions receive disability benefits each year from the VA. Some of the conditions that have been approved include: 

Sleep Apnea 

Sleep apnea can range in severity from mild to severe depending on how significantly it affects your sleep and quality of life. When you have sleep apnea, your breathing is disrupted and your sleep is less restorative. Sleep apnea can be obstructive, which occurs when your throat muscles occasionally block your airway while you are asleep.  It can also be described as central, which is when your brain is not regularly sending unconscious signals to the muscles involved in breathing. Some cases of sleep apnea are a combination of the two types. 


Scar tissue may not seem like a disabling condition, but some cases have been successful. Those cases most likely to result in disability benefits are cases where there is significant scar tissue that has built up and this tissue is now interfering with the person’s full range of motion or is causing significant pain. 

Flat Feet 

Flat feet is the common name for pes planus, a condition where the arches of your feet are flattened and the arch of the foot either touches or almost touches the ground. This condition can develop due to long marches and strenuous activity, and can cause pain and discomfort in your feet. You can also have trouble performing certain actions like rising up on your tiptoes. 

Trust Your San Francisco VA Disability Lawyer to Help Your Case Succeed 

Even if you have a presumptive condition, your ability to obtain VA disability benefits is not guaranteed. Without a presumptive condition, your success depends on your attorney’s ability to prove your service-related condition is disabling no matter how unique or unusual it might be. 

Unruh Law has helped numerous veterans in the San Francisco area and throughout California successfully win their disability claims. If you are concerned that you might not qualify, or just have questions about the process, reach out to us at 833-753-5168 or via our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your case.