When you have applied for VA disability benefits, waiting to hear what decision the VA reached
on your claim can seem like an eternity. Adding to your anxiety is undoubtedly the realization that
if your claim is denied, you must either appeal the denial and wait longer to receive your benefits
or abandon your claim altogether.

The amount of time it takes to receive news of your claim’s approval can depend on numerous
factors, some of which are beyond your control. However, there are things you can do to reduce
your waiting time and improve the chances your claim will be approved quickly.

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Average VA Disability Claim Waiting Time

According to a recent press release, the VA revealed that the average VA disability claimant will
receive a decision on their claim within 149 days after submission. That is nearly five months after
the VA first receives the claim, and does not account for any time spent pursuing an appeal.
Instead, this 149-day period simply refers to the average time it takes to receive an initial response
on your claim, regardless of what the response actually is.

If you must appeal your claim because it was denied, you can expect that process to take up to two
years from the time you file you appeal if you ask the Board of Veterans’ Appeals to review your
claim. The wait time can be less if:

  • You do not request a hearing before the Board
  • You choose a different type of appeal, such as a Higher-Level Review
  • You do not submit new evidence
  • You request that your claim be expedited

In 2024, you can expect your claim to receive an initial decision in approximately five to six
months. If an appeal is necessary, anticipate anywhere from a year or more to receive a response
back. Appealing your claim multiple times will obviously add to the total amount of time it takes
for your claim to reach a successful conclusion.

How Unruh Law, P.C. Can Assist in Resolving Your Claim Sooner

The VA’s backlog and resources are two factors that you cannot control but that can have an impact
on how long your claim will take. This makes it crucial that you submit as complete of a claim as
possible, identifying all possible evidence and records that can support your claim. It also helps to
make certain you choose the most appropriate method of appealing a denial. Unruh Law, P.C. in
San Francisco can help you do both.

Contact us by calling 833-753-5168 or online for help with your VA disability claim. If it has been
several months and you have not received a response from the VA, or if you have received a denial,
we can assist you in determining what your next steps should be. Our informed and personalized
advice takes into account your specific situation and needs. We will help you take the most
appropriate actions to get your claim approved quickly.