Case Manager

Steven Kreitzer


Steven Kreitzer served in the Army from 2004-2008 as a field artillery cannon crewmember and did 1 tour in Iraq as a gunner doing convoy security. Upon discharge from the military, he went to Northern Illinois University to earn his Bachelors in Economics and Graduate Certificate in Public Administration. 

In June 2012 he was awarded Illinois Veteran of The Month for his service to his fellow veterans.  This service began while in college working with Veterans on maximizing their education benefits through the University’s Veterans Office.   Upon graduation in May of 2012, he began to work full time as a County Veterans Service Officer in DeKalb County, IL.  In December of 2016 he became the Superintendent of the LaSalle County Veterans Assistance Commission managing a team of 2 service officers and 1 support staff helping veterans with all DOD and VA benefits.  While working here he was heavily involved in veterans service organizations and shaping legislation to improve the lives of his fellow veterans. 

He enjoyed working and leading others, but wanted to get back to his passion in working disability claims.  He was able to achieve this in June of 2022 when he joined the Unruh Law firm with over 10 years of experience maximizing benefits of his fellow veterans.